Cuisinart Classic Series 14 cup food processor

Whereas most food processors are quite small and compact, the Cuisinart Classic Series 14 cup food processor is different. As the name suggests, this food processor is able to accommodate 14 cups. It means that you can prepare and fix enough ingredients without having to use it on a daily basis. According to most users, they generally use the machine once a week for one week meal planning so they don’t have to constantly use it.

Cuisinart Classic Food Processor Details Review

Included as the metal brushed series, this food processor has all the right features that make it a winner. The work bowl is surprisingly quite big so you should be able to prepare enough ingredients for several days of meal planning or when you have to entertain guests. The motor has 720 watt capacity, which is quite powerful and solid. The feed tube isn’t big; it’s extra-large. It is completely convenient when you want to toss in anything you like. The stainless steel blade is powerful enough for chopping and crushing anything. To make everything complete it has a single touch smooth operation to keep everything running.

What about the speed of this Cuisinart Classic Series 14 cup food processor? Because of the powerful motor, you can expect a quick and effective operation. The parts are compatible with the dishwasher so you can expect efficient cleaning. What if you want to do the cleaning in manual and traditional manner? Feel free to do so. After all, this device offers versatile and flexible cleaning and maintenance.

Expect the working bowl to be coming in a sturdy and solid construction. It is flexible enough to accommodate a large number of ingredients but it is durable enough for safe operation. Are you having guests coming over? Are you preparing a whole family dinner? Are you preparing a party for a lot of people? This would be the right device to help you. Since it is also accompanied by the heavy duty and powerful 720W motor, everything should be easily prepared. You can chop everything in a short amount of time. What kind of work you want? Whether it is puree, emulsify, chop, knead, mix, shred, or slice, the food processor is able to do everything.

Another thing to like about the food processor is the elegant design. It is pretty simple and yet it is timeless and elegant. The finish is metal brush, which creates a modern look. Feel free to place it in any kitchen décor you have, but make sure that you have enough space. This device, unfortunately, is quite tall so it may not be perfect for those having short under cabinet area. However, if you want to place this Cuisinart Classic Series 14 cup food processor on the kitchen island, it is super nice and super stylish.

In short, you should be able to have a functional device with simple operation. Whether it is for veggies and fruits, or to chop the food ingredients with garlic cloves, ginger, or even meat, it should deliver the most promising outcome. So, ready to have this Cuisinart Classic Series 14 cup food processor?



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