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Hamilton Beach 96700 Commercial electric juicer can be the ideal device to help you transform your life. When you are thinking about changing your lifestyle or you are thinking about improving your own health, having the juicer will help. Never underestimate the role of a juicer because it will be the one helping you with your internal improvement. After all, there are so many great features of a juicer that it would be a shame to miss.

Hamilton Beach 96700 Specs Review

A lot of people mistake a juicer and a blender, thinking that both are just the same. Well, it is not quite so because a blender can’t extract the juice in the most potential way. You see, a blender is what it is: it blends. Sure, you can use it to make a juice but the overall implementation is different and so is the outcome. A juicer, on the other hand, will extract the juice from a fruit or veggies and then ditch the pulp. When you use a juicer, there is always a waste because a juicer is basically squeezing out the liquid juice from the veggies or fruits and leaving the pulp behind.

This is the kind of thing you can expect from Hamilton Beach 96700 Commercial electric juicer. As a part of the electric juicer line within the brand, it is pretty normal if you expect it to be super thorough and super smooth. Hamilton Beach is one of the best names in the culinary world, so it is quite logical if you are expecting the greatest features only from it.

There are tons of things to like from this electric juicer. For a starter, the motor is powerful enough and yet it is also quiet. Whereas other juicers may produce loud noise, you will definitely appreciate the quite whirr this device makes. Making juice with this device is definitely a breeze, and it has reached a point where the overall operation is super fun! There are also three different reamers for different sizes. Limes and lemons can go to the small one while oranges can go to the medium one. Want to juice the grapefruits? No problem; simply use the big one and you are good to go. The reamer on this Hamilton Beach 96700 Commercial electric juicer comes with handy insert from stainless steel so you should expect a heavy duty and long term use.

Another thing to like about this device is the catchy and stylish design. It is sleek and elegant, perfect for residential or commercial use. You won’t be ashamed of it when you place it in the bar or restaurant. Since the motor is quiet, it only adds the comfort in operating one.

Thanks to the low gravity center, this juicer is solid and also stable. Every part is made durable and solid, which only speaks volumes of long lasting usage. Cleaning is also easy. Some of the parts can be easily wiped while the others are dishwasher safe. Some can be easily washed with soapy water. So, what are you waiting for? Try Hamilton Beach 96700 Commercial electric juicer and see how it works for you.


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