Cuisinart Perfectemp 1.7 Cordless Electric Programmable Kettle

Cuisinart Perfectemp 1.7 Cordless Electric Programmable Kettle is made especially for people who are keen on brewing tea. It has different temperature feature which allow you to brew various type of tea. Its cordless benefit allows you to move it around easily without being too constrained by messy cables. There is also option to keep the water warm which makes it always ready to serve. The kettle can even be lifted off from its base for up to two minutes and you don’t need to shut it off. If you are interested in it, here are more details on what make this programmable kettle so special.

Exceptional Features that Makes Cuisinart Perfectempt Kettle Special

This kettle definitely looks sleek and is accompanied by a number of sophisticated features. The body of Cuisinart Perfectemp 1.7 Cordless Electric Programmable Kettle is made of stainless steel and control buttons are placed neatly on the handle. It offers 1.7-liters of capacity with a blue backlit opening for you to check the level of contained water. The heating component is covered and the scale filter can be detached for cleaning. It comes with removable lid with release mechanism of a button.

Since the weight is pretty light, it can be carried around effortlessly. The performance is also great. It has the capability of boiling one liter of water in a just few minutes after you turn it on. There are six preset temperature settings which allow you to choose as you desire. Those presets are set for delicate, green, white, oolong, herbal, black, and French press. They have a range of temperature set from 160°F up to 212°F. This is a very great feature because making hot water with recommended setting for each type of tea you would like to serve is uncomplicated.

The next features are the indicator and keep warm option. For the most part, the Cuisinart Perfectemp 1.7 Cordless Electric Programmable Kettle is practical when you need to keep the water warm. After the water is boiled, this kettle can keep it warm for half an hour. To use this option, see the stay warm control on the handle of it. There is also a small indicator feature that allows you to automatically start and stop the kettle whenever you wish. The sleep mode is perfect when you plan to go out or do other activity. With this mode, the kettle will go idle when you are no longer using it for more the five minutes. It is a recommended option if for electricity-saving consideration and for safety reason.

The power base can be rotated for 360-degree and its cordless convenience is what makes it special as compared to other competitors. The dimension of this kettle is around 8-1/5 x 9-4/5 x12 inches. It also comes with three year of limited warranty. Despite the fact that some other kettles offer cheaper price, but this kettle is worth your money more. With full of valuable features, this Cuisinart Perfectemp 1.7 Cordless Electric Programmable Kettle will grab your attention with its sleek design and usefulness features.


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