Hamilton Beach Iron 14505

You can use Hamilton Beach Iron 14505 to make perfect ironing for shirt and other clothes. This appliance uses high quality material to create proper steam. In order to use it properly, there is manual as guideline that provides the instruction. Its contents are safety measure, parts, warranty, ironing process, and related topics. As user, you need to read carefully before taking action using this iron.

Hamilton Beach Iron 14505 Details

Why the safety instruction is at the first section on manual book? Iron is appliance that uses electricity as power source. You cannot just plug and use it without knowing how to keep it at safety order. Firstly, you need to check the cord. After unpacking, make sure the cord is clean and fine without damaged stain. Iron has risk for high temperature and it can exhaust the excess heat. You have to use in proper room with good airflow. Use only at stable area or location. This instruction also applies when you put at stand mode. Plain and stable surface protects iron from falling that reduces risk for injury. Do not use it at wet area; even small liquid might be possible to counter.

Hamilton Beach Iron 14505 has many parts. At below area, you will find soleplate and heel rest at backside. From front to up back, there are spray nozzle, water tank cover, temperature control, adjustable steam switch, spray and steam burst, touch grip, and cord. At middle section, you can find temperature indicator and self-clean button.

This appliance has two modes for ironing, steam and normal. For usual ironing, you just prepare temperature and make sure the indicator is on. Wait for two minutes until the heat is ready. After that, use iron to make shirt looks good and perfect. When ironing is done, turn temperature setting off then you see indicator is no longer active. For steam, the procedure is quite similar. However, you only turn steam button in order to make steam heat ready. The next section is usual ironing. After that, make sure the indicator is off when everything is done. It is the process to iron clothes using Hamilton Beach Iron 14505.

As you can see, it is steam iron. There is water inside tank in order to produce heat when using steam mode. You can replace and clean this tank with new water. Open tank cover to get rid any water inside this part. Soleplate is the most important part of this product, you have to treat carefully. Do not iron hard material such as zipper, button, metal rivets, and pins. You have to avoid them because it can damage the soleplate. Use fresh, soft, and clean linen when you want to maintain soleplate in proper order.

Sometimes, you see that appliance is not working as usual. There is several ways to check and bring the device back again to work properly. When the water is leaking, pull cord out from electrical socket and open the tank cover. You only use water when ironing and empty the tank after ironing is done. Manual of Hamilton Beach Iron 14505 is important to read especially for steam ironing process.


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