Wolfgang Puck nonstick cutlery set

What comes to mind when you see Wolfgang Puck nonstick cutlery set? The first thing is probably the impression of how colorful the cutlery knife set is. Yes, they are truly colorful with the bold and adorable hue. Of course, you can expect more from this knife set when it is related to the name.

The Specialty of the Knife

You probably think that you are having enough with your regular kitchen knife set, but you know better, right? This Wolfgang Puck nonstick cutlery set is designed for perfection and easiness, and especially the easy flow and move around the kitchen. Whether you are an amateur cook or a professional business person, the knife set should be able to help you deliver satisfying outcome and also better preparation, suitable for your personal preference.

According to many users, it is obvious that the 10 piece Bistro knife set will help you chopping easier and also faster. When you hear the name, it is something that has been known and popular in the culinary industry, reaching a legendary state. It is only logical to expect greater outcome and perfection from the knife set. Each of the knives is designed to handle cooking tasks in the greatest and most comfortable state, so you shouldn’t expect less. It is a nonstick appliance, which means that it won’t get stuck to anything, let alone the food you are preparing. The knives themselves are coming in different colors and usages to prevent cross contamination from happening. This is one of the reasons why the color code scheme is used.

What are the greatest features you can expect from the Wolfgang Puck nonstick cutlery set? Well, for a starter, the color coding scheme is super nice and smart – and you definitely have a better ability to differentiate each of them. They are made from premium high carbon and stainless steel for the blades, ensuring sharp and precise result. The handles are made from thermoplastic rubber that feel comfy and nice when held and the sheaths are all thick and high quality plastics for better safety and protection.

Since there are different types of knives included within the set, you should be able to use them for the greater and better simplicity. For instance, the precision serrated knife (in green) is coming with 8 inch dimension while the Santoku knife (in red) is 5 inch. The grooved rocking knife (in black) is 7 inch while the utility preparation knife (in orange) is 4.5 inch. As you can see, the color code makes everything easier because you are able to recognize the different types of knives and their functions as well.

Naturally, you should also pay attention to the proper care. The knives should only be hand washed so the handle and blade won’t be affected, deformed, or damaged. The knives should stay away from dishwasher. If you want to store the knife within the sheath, make sure that the blade is completely clean and also dry. Remember that those knives aren’t designed for cutting frozen food.

If you are able to pay attention to the proper care, you can expect a long lasting device. Have you included Wolfgang Puck nonstick cutlery set into your wish list?


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