Cuisinart single serve coffee maker problems

Be prepared of some Cuisinart single serve coffee maker problems if you do have one at home. Keep in mind that no matter how sophisticated your device is, it is prone to flaws and problems, especially if you fail to maintain it or care for it. Read on to find out the possible issues that may arise when you decided to have one at home.

About the Single Coffee Maker Design

Different people have different preferences and like, and it extends to the matter of choosing the right coffee machine. Some people like having a machine that can be used to make a single cup only while some may prefer the one that can make several cups within one brewing cycle. Of course, you can choose the machine that can help you make a single cup for the focused taste and the personalized brewing style. But let’s not forget that you should anticipate the Cuisinart single serve coffee maker problems. Even when you have been taking care of the machine as best as you can, it is always possible that the maker experiences faulty and issue on its own. That’s why it is better prepared than sorry.

One of the most common issues is the clogged needles. The symptoms for the clogged needles may vary, from the irregular coffee to the reduced amount of coffee being produced. Feel free to check it by removing the holder, and then used cold or hot water for the cleaning. If the problem is the clogged needles, then the device should be working just well again after the cleaning. If it doesn’t, it may be another problem. Send the machine to the manufacturer with the description of your issue.

Another most popular case is when the machine doesn’t brew coffee. This is one of the possible Cuisinart single serve coffee maker problems happening to all users. First of all, the problem may occur because there is scale build up within the device. If this is the case, use a special descaling solution. You can also mix some vinegar with water. Let it soak within the machine for a good 45 minutes. After removing the mixture, clean it again with clean water only. Do it several times to have a thorough cleansing. Try the machine now. It should run normally now. However, it is also possible that the problem is caused by trapped air bubbles, the improper machine pieces placement, and not enough warming up time.

Other most common Cuisinart single serve coffee maker problems is when the machine refuses to start. Even after you have plug the machine in, you don’t see it turned on like the usual one. Try to unplug and then plug it again for several times. If it still doesn’t work, try to do it with different power source. If nothing happens, then you should contact the customer service.

There are actually so many different possible schemes for the single coffee maker issue. Depending on your condition, browse around for the possibility of what happens to you. Don’t let the Cuisinart single serve coffee maker problems discourage you from enjoying your favorite beverage.


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  1. I purchased model ss-15 on the single serve ,the filter is does not filter the water.It sets above the inlet valve.the filter will never get dirty.this cuisinart is going back to the store.time to find a coffee maker that will clean the water like they say it will.

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