OXO pop top containers set Costco

OXO pop top containers set Costco can help you have a better management in the kitchen. If you see at them and think, ‘Those are just containers!’ it means that you haven’t grasped the overall meaning and importance of having a solid and reliable container. Not all containers are the same, and this one from Oxo will definitely be different from the others.

About the Special Containers

One thing special about the OXO pop top containers set Costco is that they have their own specific mechanism, allowing them to help you have a better way in kitchen organization and management. First of all, the containers come with airtight seal so you won’t have to worry about your foods getting bad or mushy. There won’t be any excessive air problem that will lead to the food going bad earlier. Second, the special mechanism allows you to have easy access in opening and closing the lid. Each of them has a button on top of the lid. All you have to do is to push on the button when you want to open the containers. When you want to close the lid, just push on it so it will be back on the place.

Another thing to like about this OXO pop top containers set Costco is the fact that they are transparent, allowing you easy access and easy reach. You can see through what’s in the container without having to open or check the contents. Having the set also gives you the easiness in storing anything you like. You don’t have to buy different containers anymore. Spend one time and you can have 12 pieces altogether. It is easy on the eyes as well as the pockets.

Moreover, these 12 pieces come in different sizes so you have different kinds of flexibility in storing and managing your foods or snacks. The smallest one is the 1.2 qt in two pieces while the biggest one is the 4.37 qt available in two pieces. A pretty great bargain, don’t you think?

Are these containers safe? Of course they are! They are BPA free so you don’t have to worry about any contamination or whatsoever. They are also made of high quality material; thick and clear plastic grade with simple design. Most people who have bought and used the containers claim that they like the stackable feature. It is so easy to manage the cabinet storage system when you have them! In fact, if you have been dealing with clutter and mess all these years, you should consider having these kinds of containers for better pantry management. It is truly a great bargain.

If you want to check on them, you can check at Costco booklet. Set at a price less than $80, you can even get attractive rebate offer if you purchase them on special dates. Even when you don’t buy them on those special dates, you should still be able to enjoy the handy and functional storage without compromising style or looks. Don’t you want to head out to Costco and check the OXO pop top containers set Costco right away?


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