Tatung Rice Cooker Canada

Rice cooker is efficient way to cook and this is what Tatung Rice Cooker Canada does. The product is rice cooker with several options for capacity. If you want personal utilization, small 3-cup is good choice. Medium size or 6-cup is better for family. You may have big family and want to enjoy more meal. For such reason, 10-cup is reliable choice. More about this product will be explored in the next sections.

Features and Technology on Tatung Rice Cooker Canada

What is the technology matter? Well, Tatung Rice Cooker Canada is different from other. The technology to cook is called steam. You are familiar with steaming to turn foods into juicy and soft texture, right? In general, rice is capable to be ready using steaming device. In old rice cooker, the heating came from bottom, which is metal coil. Then, the heat started to flow upward to reach the top surface. Tatung incorporates different method for heating. It uses steaming which spreads the heat that come from all area inside rice cooker. There is no longer direct heating, but steaming provides effective way for cooking rice.

Well, steaming uses vapor from water. To cook, you need to put water into rice cooker. After that, you can put inner pot that contains rice. The device will generate vapor from this water. Vapor spreads through small passage between the main pot and inner pot. It will produce heat from outside inner pot then transport into inside pot for cooking. Therefore, cooking is started until the rice is ready. This process is similar to other foods.

Rice is only one of the foods that Tatung Rice Cooker Canada capable to cook. There are other foods you can prepare using this device. For example, you may create stew or just simmering foods. How to make stew? It is quite similar to rice, but the ingredient and water should have on proper portion. Due to steaming process, you do not have to worry for being overcooked. When stewing in pan and stove, you need to mix ingredient to spread evenly. The mixing takes time and requires delicate process. In addition, the stove incorporates direct cooking which you have to keep ingredient upward and downward for evenly cooked. This is not what you do when using Tatung Rice Cooker. Steaming helps to make all parts inside the pan to be the cooked evenly.

Another function of Tatung Rice Cooker Canada is to keep the food warm. The device has on/off switch. When you cook, tap this switch into ‘on’ mode. The device will start to cook immediately. When cooking is done, switch it off again. At normal mode, where the switch is off, the product turns into warming device. You can prepare foods then put them inside cooking pan. It takes simple procedure and you need to close lid at the top part. When warming is done, open this lid then remove food. You also can cook brown rice for delicious and healthy meal.

Manufacturer uses high quality material makes this product. It has inner pan for cooking and warming foods. Furthermore, it provides warranty and manual book. You can choose small or big size depending on your needs and preference. Tatung Rice Cooker Canada is reliable way to cook using steaming without losing the food nutrient.


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