If you are looking for qualified pressure cooker parts, Wolfgang Puck cookware is recommended for your household. The product named Wolfgang Puck 5 Quart Electric Pressure Cooker features 5-quart electric pressure parts. These parts function as rice cooker, steamer, and also stock pot. Comes with removable aluminum inner cooking pot, the product provides excellent heating. It also features push-button control panel. Moreover, the control panel is equipped with digital display as well as preset cooking programs.


Wolfgang Puck 5 Quart Electric Pressure Cooker Features

This pressure cooker really provides convenience for everyone who uses it. Besides the functional parts, it also has great sophisticated technology such as keep-warm mode, stay-cool side handles, timer, and safety lid interlock. With the sizes of approximately 14x14x16 inches, this cooker is space saving and can be kept practically.

For years, Wolfgang Puck 5 Quart Electric Pressure Cooker has entertained a number of high-class restaurants. Wolfgang Puck himself is a famous chef who has amazing skill in the kitchen. He also has a great passion to build a reputation that cannot be paralleled in the cooking field. Now, he brings his professional ability into his excellent cookware.

Wolfgang Puck 5 Quart Electric Pressure Cooker has renowned big attention to the detail. This becomes a proof that the product has durable construction and smart design. It can be a perfect selection for today’s professional cook.

When it comes how long it needs to reach proper pressure, it is just a few minutes. Actually, it depends on the type of food. If you start to prepare food from frozen, of course you need longer time to reach the best pressure but the same duration to cook. To prepare slices of meat that have been browned in the pot, you only need a few minutes to reach the proper pressure. Vegetables and soup will take shorter time. However, it depends on the temperature that you begin with. To make a frozen roast without browning, you will need up to 15 minutes.

Another thing that determines how long it takes is the volume. So, to reach proper pressure, it depends on how full the food is. If you only cook fluffy things (looks like a bunch of kale), you don’t need a long time for the steam to reach the proper pressure. But if you cook a lot, maybe it takes longer to heat up.

Overall, this cooker provides everything you need. This is a perfect kitchenware to use and to give as a present for special person. Wolfgang Puck 5 Quart Electric Pressure Cooker is smart-designed, futuristic, and consumer friendly. It means that the cooker is easy for everyone. The truth is that some consumers experience a little problem when they used it at the first time. For example, the most common problem is the timer switch that doesn’t move. The timer will start to count down when the pressure seals the vent and gasket.

Now, you know the advantages and features of Wolfgang Puck 5 Quart Electric Pressure Cooker. Well, don’t hesitate to bring this product to be part of your kitchen. You will be amazed by it.


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