Cut the Little Ones Some Slack

Cut the Little Ones Some Slack

I am open and honest with clients in my cooking classes when they state, “Wow, your kids are so lucky to have a chef for a mom,” or “Wow, your kids must have amazing palates!” I am here to tell you my kids are kids. Like most parents, I wear baby goggles, but even I...

Choked Up

Choked Up

There is no denying it, spring has sprung here! I love living in a climate where we get to physically experience each season. Along with the weather changing, our appetites change as well. I am convinced that nature's seasonal changes are directly related to what our...

Stay Sharp

The chef's knife, also known as a French knife, is the most essential tool in your kitchen. Yet, I have found it gets so little attention. Or I find that a lot of home chefs are not even aware of what one is, exactly. No worries. You will now. [Read More]...



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