Fresh Herbs

Fresh Herbs

It’s February and according to the little fuzzy fellow we are in for another six more weeks of winter. However I don’t think we experienced the first six weeks of winter this season. I visited my herb garden today only to find more signs of spring. My rosemary is lush...

Sharp Knives

Converted all my knives from 20-degree blades to 15 degrees. Wow, now we are talking sharp. Fabricating this 8 piece chicken was a snap. Already down one band aid from bumping one of the knives! They will require a little more maintenance but so far I think it will be...

Salt 101

One of the greatest joys I love about my cooking classes is all the questions that come up.  Of course, I always hope that I can impress and quickly spit out the answer however every now and again a question arises that requires follow up…and if you know me, you know...

Seasonal Eating and Winter Foods

Seasonal Eating and Winter Foods

I believe that nature’s cycle of growing produce is designed perfectly to meet our health and nutritional needs. If this is not true, they why do we get so excited about asparagus in the spring and crave vine ripened tomatoes in the summer? Seasonal eating not only...

Gift Ideas for the Home Chef in Your Life

So…yes again it is that time of year already! As much as I love this time of year, due to the overindulgence of food and gatherings, I find it can be stressful when it comes to selecting the perfect gift for that perfect someone. Over the years, I have tried to select...

What Is In Your Spice Pantry?

What Is In Your Spice Pantry?

Most of us can relate to the saying “Spring Cleaning” however for me Fall is the season to take inventory of my pantry, specifically my spice pantry. Yes, I do cook with spices year round and to the level of obsession sometimes, however fall and winter menus tend...



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