Never has there been a more important time than now to get back in the kitchen.  Statistically speaking we are raising the first generation to not out live their parents.  Exercise is not the only answer to a better life.  Home cooking is key.  Eliminating processed foods and incorporating heathly whole foods into our meal routines is essential to a healthy lifestyle.  Similar to a personal trainer, a Personal Chef /  Culinary Instructor guides you through each and every step in cooking. Sure it is easy to watch someone cook, however the hands-on approach is most effective in the kitchen.

Enjoy working with a personal culinary instructor in the comfort of your own home or Suzanne’s. Learn to work with what you have and plan ahead for the future. Emphasis of each class will be placed on menu planning, healthy whole foods, time management, organization, working within budgets, organic vs. non-organic ingredients, knife skills, food and wine pairings, local shopping resources and much more!


Get the most of your cooking experience by working personally side by side with a culinary instructor. Enjoy hands on learning while mastering each technique in the comfort of your own home. Identify areas of strengths and weaknesses and explore uncharted areas in the kitchen. Classes are generally 2-3 hours.


Whether it be a special occasion or a gathering of “foodies” small group lessons are a great way to gather intimately with family and friends while learning new cooking skills and techniques, sharing experiences and tasting wonderful food that the group has prepared.   Each class will have a personalized menu based on specific wishes. Group classes can be hands-on, demonstration, or a combination of both. All participants will receive a copy of the detailed menu, copies of all recipes and of course yummy food! Classes are generally 3 hours.


In short, a culinary boot camp! Invest in learning the fundamentals of cooking and the dividends will be tremendous. Once a solid cooking foundation has been established, options in the kitchen are unlimited. Classes emphasize on seasonal cooking, selection of ingredients, time management, staying within a budget, pantry necessities, and healthy whole foods. The Home Chef classes are offered for groups or one-on-one lessons. An amazing amount of information is covered in six 3 hour classes! Classes include instruction on:


  • Stocks – chicken and vegetable
  • Fabrication – buy in bulk and fabricate your own proteins
  • Various cooking methods- sautéing, pan frying, roasting, grilling, stewing, braising etc.
  • Vegetables- purchasing, cleaning, preparing, methods of cooking: roasting and baking, sautéing, broiling and grilling, blanching and parboiling
  • Grains- identification, nutritional value, purchasing, various cooking methods and substitutions
  • Potatoes- purchasing, various cooking methods
  • Eggs-baking, sautéing, poaching etc.
  • Salads and Vinaigrettes
  • Pan Sauces and Reductions