Can you imagine that if every time you ate any type of food you personally felt the emotions of the person preparing it? Heavy thought to consider right? Well, in this fun quick read of a novel a young girl experiences just that. Without giving too much of the book away I enjoyed thinking about this idea.  What if? What would my food tell you about me? That I am a busy mom juggling a marriage, two very active kids, a business, a home and all that comes with it?  Or would it tell you of heartaches yet love for life and feeling blessed? Or maybe all the above which would be a lot for another person to take on during a meal. Would you keep eating? Some may not. Some may search for food with less meaning or some may seek out food with more.
People constantly tell me that their grandmother shared her secret recipe with them but every time they made it, it did not taste the same.  I have personally experienced this and now ponder if in fact emotions do play a role in the success of cooking. Out of laziness, I suspected my husband had always asked me to make his sandwiches because when I made them they tasted better. Really I thought?  Flattering,yet manipulating. Do I take more joy in preparing sandwiches – you bet I do. Does this make a difference? I don’t know.  However it is fun to think about.
The Particular Sadness of Lemon Cake does not go as far as it could have in explaining the experiences one would have with this gift, or curse.  However, it was an enjoyable read that presented me with thoughts that I have not before considered. I can say that I do put my heart and soul in to my cooking and teaching and pray that my positive thoughts in the kitchen pour in to each and everyone that eats and cooks with me.






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